our mc's

John Doust  is best known as a writer, professional speaker, big ideas inspirer and community projects facilitator. Some years ago he asked himself the question: Why are people the way they are? That lead him to study Jungian philosophy and to becoming an accredited Myers Briggs Practitioner. None of this has dampened his sense of humour. Jon has been involved with the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival since its inception in 2002.  The Cherry Pip Spitting Competition is the brain child of Jon.

Wyatt Nixon - Lloyd  is a multi-award winning actor, puppeteer, comedian, improviser, musician, director and a founding member of Weeping Spoon Productions. As half of the comedy duo Luke & Wyatt he is a writer, actor, interviewer and presenter for Nickelodeon. Nixon-Lloyd received an ASTRA Award for Best Performance by a Presenter. Wyatt has been performing with the Big Hoo-Haa since 2005 and has improvised with the majority of Australia’s established improvisation troupes.