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Sabrina Hahn is a whole lot of Hort with Heart – master gardener, horticulturalist with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that make cities more livable. Her aim is to make gardening an entertaining pastime and educate listeners in the importance of creating biodiversity in their own backyards. She believes gardeners have a role to play in becoming caretakers of sustainable landscapes that allows other species to thrive.


Sabrina has shared her stories and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 30 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. She is a highly entertaining public speaker, writes a twice-weekly gardening column in The West Australian, and contributes articles for Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener. In 2019 Sab released the ever-popular gardening podcast “Sabrina’s Dirty Deeds”


Her extensive knowledge on gardening comes from a scientific background of horticulture, soil science, entomology and botany. Sabrina has been awarded a lifetime membership from the Nursery and Garden Industry of Western Australia and nominated for Australian of the Year for her services to the industry. 

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Sabrina believes that everyone can grow their own food regardless of the size of space. In 2020 Sabrina developed Hort with Heart a premium liquid fertiliser range

that address the nutrient deficiencies found in our soils to ensure gardeners have greater success sustainably growing their own fruit and vegies.


Sabrina has worked extensively for the past decade in remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley developing edible gardens so that Aboriginal people have greater access to healthy food and become more sustainable. She believes the availability of healthy, fresh food will have a positive impact on the health of children in remote areas where fresh vegetables are a luxury. She has formed friendships with women elders in communities to enable them to propagate their own bush tucker and bush medicine plants so that their knowledge is passed on the next generation.


Sabrina is also a published author with three books under her belt – Sabrina’s Little ABC Book of Gardening, Sabrina’s Juicy Little Book of citrus and Dirty Deeds all published through Fremantle Press.