n 1978, Richard along with four other Aboriginals formed the Middar Aboriginal Theatre. Middar during its lifetime took the Nyoongar culture to 32 different countries on all the Earth’s continents and to a live audience of some 10,000,000 people in total.

Over the past ten years, Richard has been working with Australian, European and American companies as a cultural consultant and presenter. Aveda engaged Richard to advise on their cultural protocols.


Richard has participated at the Centrefolia Conferences in France over the past 5 years presenting Culture and Indigenous business opportunities.

The Middar Aboriginal Theatre Group will be performing "Two Rivers"


From the land of a long line of songs to the land of the Songlines, this beautiful fusion of Nyoongar and Celtic traditions will move you. You’ll dance and sing to the exquisite melodies of songs both ancient and new, driven by the earth rhythms that connect us all.

Lead by Nyoongar stateman Richard Walley and singer songwriter Fred Penny, a multitude of sounds from didgeridoo to bodhrán will make you yearn for home, wherever that may be.

Also featuring Alton & Rickeeta Walley, Fiona Rea, Sarah Saunders and Iain Grandage.

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