cherry central

Genuinely Southern Forests_Cherries.jpg

It wouldn't be much of a Cherry Festival without the cherries!

There are multiple locations around the Festival where cherries will be available:

  • Cherry Central - at the eastern entrance to Brockman St (outside Australia Post)

  • Cherry Lane - Southern Forests Food Avenue, Brockman St

  • Southern Forest Food Council - Johnson Crescent (behind Coronation Park)

  • Newton Orchards - Southern end of Giblett St

  • Cherry Box - Southern end of Giblett St

PLUS, there are a number of cherry orchards surrounding Manjimup that will have cherries available for sale including:

  • A Guadagnino & Co - 595 Seven Day Rd, Manjimup (just before Fonty's Pool)

  • Hill View Orchard - 25 Richmond St, Manjimup

  • Springall Valley Enterprises - 275 Springall Rd, Deanmill

  • Cherry Lane Fields - 37 Lintott St, Manjimup

  • Kerry's Cherries - 612 Kuranda Rd, Middlesex

Whilst we always have masses of cherries, we also have lots of hungry people, so don't delay getting yours because you don't want to miss out!